Global Mobile is one of Global Group's baby. 


The company is born from a need, from an observation... Our world has irreductibly become inter-connected, which is an amazing opportunity for the future. But how come our data is being distributed every where ? How privacy became so secondary in our lives ?

Global Mobile truly wants to reinstaure security in communications.

Discover a panel of products that are both secure, both guaranteeing lifestyle : with for instance our International SIM cards for dreamers, travelers, business men and women. Discover also our Secure Phone - encrypted and insuring a military grade security.

Because we believe, that security IS a lifestyle. It is the ultimate condition to live freely and build big projects.


Global Group is an international conglomerate working in five key business sectors (Travel & Lifestyle, Media & Entertainment, Defense & Intelligence Strategy, Energy & Builder, Fintech & Business). Global Group is one of the 164 companies of the ICC. We are a UN and NATO supplier, registered with the American DDTC, as well as with DUNS. In the context of some of our specific activities (GA Political and Global Defense), we are also advisers to the European Commission, accredited lobbyists to the European Parliament and member of the Business Council of Forbes Magazine.



Global Mobile by Global Group Llc
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