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Find Your Digital Freedom with ComLinks!

I want my e-SIM card now!

Buy Now, Connect Instantly!

Skip the wait and go digital. Scan a QR code and activate your eSIM in minutes, delivered straight to your inbox.

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Break Free with ComLinks Global SIM Cards!

Don't be tied down—embrace global freedom with a single SIM for all your international adventures.

Privacy First, Always

We value your privacy. Say goodbye to oversharing your data.

Transparent, Flexible, Affordable

  • FREE Incoming Calls in the USA
  • No Contracts, No Commitments, No Hidden Fees

Stay Connected, Globally

  • Low-cost calls, high-speed 4G data & SMS worldwide
  • Free Incoming Calls in 70+ countries, coverage in 135+ countries

One SIM, A Lifetime of Connectivity

Get your lifetime-valid SIM today.

  • You only need internet in Europe & Western countries ?

    Choose your data plan !
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You only need internet in Europe & Western countries ?

Discover Asia and stay connected

High Speed Internet in Zone A

Africa, South America... discover Zone B and its Data Plans

Welcome to 2024, connected world.

Welcome to the Future of Connectivity with ComLinks—2024 Edition!

Be Anywhere, Connect Everywhere.

Versatile Data Plans for Every Need

Experience blazing-fast 4G speeds on your SIM, no matter where life takes you.

Beyond the Phone—Your Universal Connection

Use your data-enabled SIM not just in your phone, but also in your Wi-Fi router. Whether you're sailing, trekking, on safari, or in a low-Wi-Fi zone, stay in the loop with family and work.

Ideal for business trips

"I've had this 1 month trip all around Europe: Berlin, Roma, Paris... With my Global SIM card I could keep in touch with my american family and work as usual with one SIM for many countries. All this, with low data rates."

Georges S.K.

Keep it private and anonymous

"With Global Mobile I feel SAFE and understood. My privacy is guaranteed as no registration is needed, I'm anonymous. Thanks for that Global Mobile !"

Ali M.