Best tips to stay anonymous

What is an anonymous line? Why should you have an anonymous line?

Are you a business owner who does not want interactions with customers to disturb your personal life? Then you need an anonymous line. This helps you separate business from personal affairs.

Do you love traveling? Then you need an anonymous line instead of going through the rigors of getting a sim of the country you are visiting. After all, if you are a regular traveler, have many sims would you get?



Isn’t it better to have a sim that can operate in any area you are visiting? We can see that you are nodding your head in agreement. Thus, you can now agree that you need an anonymous line.

Now, to the critical question. ‘How can I get or have an anonymous line?’

Not to worry, this is not an issue.

Below are some tips to having an anonymous line.


Buy a Global Mobile SIM Card

For many people, this is the first time you hear about a Global Mobile Sim. However, it is your best bet to having an anonymous line. Global Group understands that having an anonymous line is an essential part of lifestyle, making this possible. Interestingly, you do not get to pay any monthly fees when you buy our SIM card. Instead, it comes as your lifelong partner, even letting you get free calls from up to 130 countries.

Of course, you cannot expect that everything about a Global Mobile Sim will be free. There are charges for SMS and outgoing calls. However, they come at a low cost. As a regular traveler, you need this buddy. So, the next time you think of having an anonymous sim, you should think of Global Mobile Sim.

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Use a Burner / VPN

You may or may not have heard about burner before. Through this platform, you can own an anonymous line.

The idea here is to let you buy multiple sims that you can dispose of when you do not need anymore. Fortunately, it is compatible with both IOS and Android.

The downside to this is that it cannot be classified as a lifelong partner. Also, it is not a one-sim kind of line compared to the Global Mobile Sim.

It is also important to note that using a burner requires signing up for a subscription plan. You can choose anyone you desire.


There are other options for having an anonymous line. However, the Global Mobile Sim will always be a top pick.


If you are a lover of convenience, you should go for it now!